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First and Last.

I once heard the saying, “The only thing better than having sex, is having sex with someone new.” Now what kind of fucked up shit is that? The truth, that’s what. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for a lot of men I know.

“New sex” is exciting. Especially if it’s with someone you’ve been wanting to fuck for a while, but just never got the chance to. Imagine having a nice steady booty-call, but fantasizing about sticking your dick in the receptionist at your job for the past six months. Then finally breaks up with her boyfriend and wants to grab a drink with YOU. Most men I know would turn down guaranteed sex with the booty-call that night for a potential hook-up with the sexcetary. The only thing about new booty, is the quality of the sex isn’t guaranteed. Not that the first time can’t be good, it’s just that it’s usually not until after the second or third bang when two people are more comfortable and in tune with each others bodies, that it becomes great.

On the contrary, the last time two people have sex with each other can often times be so mind-blowing you end up having sex with them once more. So much for that. Shit, I think I had “good-bye” sex with Thor at least three times. For some, good-bye sex is great because everyone gives it all they got in an attempt to go out with a bang. For others, the intention is to make sure it’s so good that the other person comes back for more against their better judgment, or thinks of you while they’re inside the next person.

Looking back at some of my last, last hoorahs have definitely proven my theory to ring true: last time you have sex with someone >>> first time you have sex with someone. While you may or may not disagree, one things for sure: first kiss >>> last kiss.

And for the record, if you really shouldn’t be seeing this person, what more having sex with them. The best way to have good-bye sex is to not have it at all.

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