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Face to Face(book)

Amateurs. If this is real, not sure why she would accept the friend request of the dude she just banged in Cancun while her man was at home lol.

Let’s face it. Social networking, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, has become a part of our daily lives. Even if we don’t have an actual account, it’s existence is undeniable and cannot be ignored. When something becomes this much of a pop-culture phenomena, it’s easy for people to use it as a scapegoat. One of my absolute favorite cop-outs is blaming Facebook for the demise of one’s relationship.

On Twitter someone once asked if they thought Facebook made it easier to cheat. I think it makes it more convenient for cheaters, because everyone is just one suggested friend away. And the relevance of Facebook to the legitimacy of relationships has become such an ongoing joke (“Ooh it’s on Facebook, so you KNOW it’s for real”), that even if something seems justified making an assumption based on anything related to a social networking site just makes us look and feel stupid. Therefore, we’re willing to overlook a lot of suspect ass shit (“You gonna believe me or Facebook?!”).

But while Facebook makes it more convenient for cheaters, I also think it makes it easier to get caught. Having access to people you normally wouldn’t run into in a million years, can reunite you with your long lost best friend or have you realize that you and someone in a different time zone have the same boyfriend. People get tagged in pictures. Then untagged. Then re-tagged. Then untagged again. You end up with one girl wondering who the fuck the other girl is, and the other girl wondering why the fuck you untagged yourself. And ultimately, you end up having to change your settings to “approve tags”. I even know someone that fake checked themselves at the library, just to throw off her boyfriend. Mmhmm.

I can’t say if Facebook makes it easier or harder for people to cheat. But new relationship problems that never existed prior to its emergence have definitely risen from it. You question whether a “Hey” is just a hey, or if a “Hey,” means, “Hey. Great sex last night.” She ended her comment with a winky face – THEY MUST BE FUCKING. And God forbid a status update, music vides, or link be random. They ALL have underlying meanings to them. So I hope you never get a text that says, “Why did your man “like” the link to If Your Girl Only Knew on his ex’s wall?” Wait, why are they friends on Facebook to begin with? See what I just did there?

Safe to say that any problem that started on Facebook, really started at home. Trust, respect, and communication are all bigger than and all existed before social networking. Although Facebook has put a newfound strain on relationships, the root of it is nothing new. People have always flirted. People have always lied. People have always withheld information. People have always hid things. People have always been insecure. People have always been assholes. And people have always cheated. If someone wants to cheat, they will – regardless of if their default picture is one of you two sharing a midnight kiss on New Years Eve. And if someone really loves you, a friend request from their first love shouldn’t lead them astray. I’ve said it before, I’ve said it again, and I’ll never say any different: Facebook doesn’t ruin relationships, people do.

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