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Yeah sex is great, but have you ever had a man buy you tickets to a Giants game even though you were acting like an asshole, because you were having a bad week? I suppose what's even more great is having both. Normally after a break-up, people have a "ho phase". A I've learned through painful trial and error that I am horrible at bootycalls. I tried really hard too, but I always ended up wanting more than the man could give, which defeated the purpose. You see, I don't just want dick. I want empathedick.

I want someone to pull my hair and brush it off of my face right before a "Good morning" forehead kiss. I want his babies dripping down my neck and his hand on my chin while he's looking me in the eyes to tell me everything is going to be OK. I want him to slap my ass and knock some sense into me when needed, respectfully. I want him to go down on me and build me up. I want him to tie me up and give me freedom to be me. I want him to touch my heart and touch my heart. I want him to carry me with my legs wrapped around his waist and support my dreams. I want that sex so fire your convulsions look like TikTok dances, followed by cuddles and cold pillows after.

And that's when I realized, I don't want a bootycall. I want a boyfriend.

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