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Eat. Play. Love.

Las Vegas. Hawaii. Philippines. Cabo San Lucas. New York. Seattle. Miami. And Puerto Rico.

Just a few places out of state that I’ve been blessed to have set foot upon. It’s extremely humbling when I think about the memories I’ve made at these destinations, some people never see beyond their tiny town of 1,071 people.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the greatest at saving money. But one of the few things I don’t mind and never regret spending money on (asides from food) is traveling. Because I always have fun, and it’s always worth it. Needless to say, I’ve been on quite a few vacations. What I haven’t been on yet – is a JOURNEY.

I want to go somewhere, and come back a better – maybe even different person. A place that will change my life. A vacation from a vacation. Where I’ll do more than drink obscene amounts of alcohol, take pictures by the pool, and tan my life away. I want to venture into the unknown, the unfamiliar, and even the slightly uncomfortable. Then, do the same within myself. Hear languages I’ve never heard, eat food I’ve never tasted, and leave my phone off the entire time. I want to make a difference, and feel different. I want to walk a path that may lead me to a waterfall … or a tiny village … or a sacred temple. A path that will lead me to ME.

Oh dear God, did I just get all Elizabeth Gilbert on yall? I apologize. And I know that I should be able to do all these things at home, but sometimes you have to leave to appreciate the things right in front of you. I currently have a few bucks to spend, and have been debating on either Invisalign or a trip somewhere. Alas I am in no position to be pretentious. I should really just save my money, but it’s hard to turn down such a good deal.

Especially when the price you pay, pays for things that are priceless.

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