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Dress You Up In My Love

There’s a lot of pressure on men these days, but believe me when I tell yall that you still got it easy in certain departments and the actual department store is one of them. A while ago, the homie was telling me how he hadn’t went shopping in forever. And I told him that as long as he keeps his shoe game clean, he has nothing to worry about.

‘Cuz for the most part, men look the same in almost everything. The only variables that change their overall look are hair, and weight. That’s it. Whereas women have all these contributing factors like makeup, and heels, and accessories, and push up bras. But if a man is handsome and in shape with a fresh cut, he will still look handsome and in shape with a fresh cut whether he’s in a cow costume, sweatsuit, or policeman’s uniform.

And if the girl you’re seeing is anything like me? Then, sweety, there’s really only 3 items you need to stock up on in your closet and they are the following:

1) White V’s – A man can never have enough so stack ’em up, unless you’re into poppin tags and shit in which case MY BAD. The thing is, white v’s go with anything, you can dress ’em up or down, and then you can let your girlfriend walk around in them after sex with no panties and her ass cheeks hanging all out, which will probably lead to even more sex.

2) Slim fitting denim – Because we do not need to see half of your ass while you walk down the street. Because you are not 16 anymore. Because JNCO’s and Cross Colors were soooo over a decade ago. Because grown men fit into their jeans. But if they’re skinny jeans or I can see your nuts trying to escape, I will not only ask for my jeans back – I will kick your ass to the curb as well.

3) A clean pair of kicks – My personal faves are Js and Tims, so choose your poison. Whether they be Nikes, or Creative Recs, or even Vans. As long as they’re clean you’re in business. I promise that regardless of what you’re wearing, it will all come down to the shoes at the end of the stare down. And if there’s one way to ruin the stizzle, it’s to have on a nice outfit and top it all off with some dirty ass raggedy shoes.

And that’s it. Style any way you like. My fave mancessories of choice are a fitted hat (I mean you already know, SF por vida), and a letterman jacket. But as long as you got those 3 basics, the possibilities are endless. However, I will say that if a man looks good in a suit? He can look good in ANYTHING.

Ladies, anything you like to see your mens in?


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