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>Don’t You Know I’m Loca?

>I’ve never went off on my man ‘cuz he was out with his boys and forgot to call ‘cuz usually I’d be out with mine having too much fun to remember. And the ONE time I went through my dude’s phone – well what do you know, I dun found something. So I’m just gonna say that don’t count.

I’ve never had an overnight stakeout at my exes or “accidentally” showed up at the same place they were at. Hell, I don’t even cock-block or talk shit (5 years ago would’ve been a different story though). BUT that don’t mean I don’t get loca. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been one to mix my birth control with my crazy-pills more than once. Just ask any of my girls:

Her: He’s going to call you today

Me: No he’s not, he hates me

Her: He does not hate you, watch before you get off work he’s going to call

Me: I’m convinced I turned him off and he doesn’t like me anymore and I’m never going to talk to him again



Her: Helloooo???

Me: Hold on, he’s calling me *moded face*

Her: OMFG. Tell me you’re seeing him tomorrow?

Me: Huh? Oh, I said I’d call him back

Her: kajsdflkjsdlfjsdf

I PROMISE the only reason I said I’d all back was because I was really busy at work. But I apologize for my crazy nevertheless. Perhaps Jozen Cummings, the blogger I love to hate (only ‘cuz he’s so fucking good) said it best when he delivered this gem to all my future (ex)boyfriends lol:

“Because as crazy as she gets, watch what happens when she goes crazy over you.”

To read the rest of Man to the Next man click here, and trust me, man or woman you want to read it. I’m inspired to write a Woman to Next Woman post, or maybe I’ll just write one about my cray-cray, hmmm …

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