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>Don’t Believe the Hype

>Yesterday the homie tweeted a message that had the internets going NUTS:

Wingstop is now open in Daly City” And just like that trumpets sounded, fireworks went off, unicorns came out of hiding, and Jesus momentarily stopped crying (it was sunny in SF despite reports of rain). ‘Cuz in my opinion, Wingstop >>> Hooters any day. A 10-piece combo meal consisting of 6 garlic parmesan and 4 lemon pepper wings with a coke, potato salad, and veggie sticks with ranch sauce was JUST what I needed to remind myself of why my abs aren’t as crackin as they were a year ago.

So the retweets began. At one point there was 4 in a row in less than a minute. I then proceeded to post it on Facebook, to which I got a dozen responses. One phone call, 2 texts, 5 instant messages, and an email later, I was ready to GO IN. And then, the homie tweeted another message that sent my heart (and stomach) to a screeching hault:

“Sorry, Wingstop is NOT open yet. I repeat, Wingstop is NOT open” And just like that my world came crashing down. As if it was the first time someone told me Santa Claus wasn’t real (He’s not right?). At the same time, my homie FB’d me saying that he called Wingstop and the Daly City location wouldn’t be open until December. Dee-fucking-Cember?! UGH, see yall at Hooters I guess.

But in between my over-exagerated groans of disappointment over something as silly as chicken wings, I learned a very important lesson: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. I thought it was funny how quickly the Wingstop rumor spread. Like a mufuckin epidemic and shit. And it ain’t my boys fault either, he was just tryna pass the wealth along (and let’s be real here, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal to start an all out investigation on prior to tweeting). But everyone including myself went along with it and blew that shit up as if we received the news from the mayor of Daly City or president of Wingstop himself.

It’s just another reminder as to why you shouldn’t believe every single thing you hear. Don’t assume, ASK. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a dumb ass aimlessly wandering around the parking lot of Westlake Shopping Center looking for chicken wings.

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