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Do the Write Thing

Sorry for the lack of posts and “weird” activity on the blog these past few weeks but I promise the next few weeks will definitely make up for it. I couldn’t write for a long time (for anyone with a passion and natural talent for anything, a day without doing what u love can seem like an eternity). But then I received emails and comments that gave me the motivation to start again. So please believe me when I say that YOU ARE THE REASON I KEEP WRITING. Got a few new projects on the way so I’m crossing my fingers that they get done sooner than later and yall love ’em.

U know, it takes big cajones to post anything on the internet nowadays. Whether it be a personal story, a fictional example, or even a movie review. Ur left vulnerable and open to so much criticism. People always wanna judge – both good and bad. What I wanted to say though is: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

I can write about how strong I’ve become, or how much someone hurt me. How much I’ve grown because of it. Who I’ve been with, who I’ve met, who I had sex with last night. The things I own, the things I do, and the places I go to. But nobody, knows the truth. I’m not saying I’m a complete liar. I’m saying, don’t assumeask. And even then, no one but me and the parties involved know what really happened.

I am not a psychiatrist (thank God, ‘cuz I think I’d have a few lawsuits against me by now), nor am I qualified in any way to give advice. This blog wasn’t meant to solve anyone’s problems or make the world a better place. I am no expert in ANYTHING. I’m just an ordinary chick who’s made extraordinary mistakes … and is even a repeat offender. I regret. I cry. And I cry some more. I kick myself when I’m down and am stubborn as hell. I give good advice that I never take. And unfortunately, at times, I can be a hypocrite. U see, I am an expert in NOTHING. I’m just a silly little girl who’s experienced love on so many different levels and isn’t afraid to share it with the world. When I started writing this blog, I simply needed a place to collect all my work since MySpace was dying. I never expected it to turn into anything else. So once again, I don’t write to make anyone out to be the bad guy or to pretend I’m the victim or even some love guru. Remember, I choose what I want to write. I choose what I want to share. And only I know what’s real and what isn’t. In the words of the great Trick Daddy (lol) “Yall don’t know nan.”

But if this blog did have any other purpose, it would be to simply to let u know that u are not alone. Nobody is.

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