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Dear Diary – Today’s Special

I intended to post this yesterday but a solemn morning prevented me from doing so. Thursday night though, me and the homie D had Peruvian food at Pasion restaurant for the first time (I have 5 different homies that I call D btw. I really need to come up with new nic names for them, ‘cuz I’ve referenced at least 3 of them on here and I think even they’re starting to get confused lol). While I prefer the sea bass meal I had from their sister restaurant Fresca, the food was delicious nevertheless and the service was superb!

I just wish someone had told me that Pescado a lo Macho meant big ass flexible, fried fish. Instead the menu said crispy fried whole bronzino, peruvian shellfish stew, spicy aji amarillo sauce, and cilantro rice. Honestly, the fish was good but tasted like the fish my great-grandmother used to fry up for the fam when I was little. So nothing special, but yummy nevertheless. However, the rice, fresh seafood, and kick in the sauce made up for it.

The homie ordered Vaca Encebollada aka wood grilled new york steak, caramelized onion, piquillo pepper confit, yuca fries, chimichurri, and cabrales demi. I only had one bite because the rest of it was still alive but it was juicy, and flavorful and the accompanying spices and herbs were a good compliment of flavors.

I would definitely eat at Pasion again and try something else on the menu. Definately the oysters and something from the ceviche bar. And this time on a weekend, there’s a cute little lounge area out front that would make for great cocktail conversations!

Although I didn’t cheat on my budgeting that night, I did cheat on eating healthy yesterday. I had blueberries and low-fat cottage cheese for breakfast then made the mistake of walking by the fax machine at work and running into this. I MEAN LOOK AT IT. How could I NOT eat it? So this was my mid morning snack … and the reason I went to the gym on a Friday night 😦

I’d like to think lunch made up for it though. Skinless chicken breast marinated in low-fat Italian dressing grilled by Mr. Foreman himself, and a simple salad of just avocado and mushrooms.

Tonight’s my closest friend in the whole wide worlds 30th birthday celebration at Teatro Zinzanni so I’ll definitely be splurging and you’ll hear all about it tomorrow. Happy day everyone!

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