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Dear Diary – Making A List and Checking it Twice

I believe I’m going through some sort of weird transitional period right now. But it’s not a pre-midlife crisis or anything, although I’ve already had about four of those. And it’s definitely not some sort of “funk”. That would imply something bad, and everything’s actually … kinda … well, good? I guess we’ll only know once we get to the other side? Yes, both question marks are there on purpose.

Anyway, you may not know this about me but I love making lists. Grocery lists, Christmas lists, packing lists, guest lists, you get the point. If I’m involved in something; whether it be planning a wedding or planning girls night out, I will make up reasons to create a list. I’ll even skip the smart phone, and write them with a paper and pen. You remember what those are right?

Well I have a new list. A mini-bucket list I suppose. A list of random, seemingly unessential activities I’ve been wanting to partake in but the 9-5 prohibits. Here’s a few of those things:

  1. Run the Embarcadero – Whenever I see people run the Embarcadero in the middle of the day I think two things: 1) They must be important (don’t know why, I just do) and 2) “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I wish WP had some sort of “bitter” font because yeah, I’m jealous. Asides from the Giant Race, I’ve never ran the Embarcadero but it makes sense. You have two of my favorite landmarks: AT&T Park, and Cupid’s Span, and then of course the water and views of the bridge.

  2. Write.

  3. Go boarding on a weekday. You know, when there’s not a thousand children whizzing past me with no reverence for my personal space. They give me fucking anxiety and make me feel bad because they’re so much better than me.

  4. Go to a museum.

  5. Write blogs from my laptop at various cafes in the city. If it’s a nice day I’ll even dress like a girl.

  6. Take a class.

  7. Volunteer with children/animals.

  8. Visit friends at work and have lunch with them. Not that I don’t do this already, but I hate rushing back to work.

  9. Photoshoot. MC I’m talking to you lol, SORRY!

  10. VLOG. 

  11. Write some more.

  12. Visit my friends with babies.

  13. Drive out of the city by myself, and be emo. ‘Cuz sometimes you just gotta play some Air Supply, drive to somewhere like Monterey, skip rocks, and “find yourself.”

  14. Have sex all day. Like, all day. Like, only get up to use the bathroom and get something to eat. Like, keep a few Gatorade’s on deck and we good.

I have a few more on the list that are a little too personal to share (even mroe personal than having sex all day) and I’m sure my list will grow by the time I cross the first thing off. I’ll be documenting this seemingly unessential journey as I go down the list, and sharing it with you so stay tuned! The best thing about making lists? Checking shit off.

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