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Crazy. Stupid. Love.

Two of my co-workers recently got engaged. I asked Steve how he knew Heather was “The one”  and he said, “We just get along so well. No drama at all.” Makes perfect and absolute sense to me, but you wouldn’t believe how many confused looks the notion of a couple that actually gets along receives.

Right on the heels of Rihanna’s We Found Love video debut, some of us are reminded of a more typical kind of romance. The kind that’s as volatile as it is whimsical. My boy told he that for a long time it was the only kind of relationship he knew, and for the most part those around me seem to agree. Even I remember a time in my life where I associated love with loud clicks that ended in dial tones, and screaming matches in the Denny’s parking lot.

To some, the amount of fighting a couple undergoes is directly proportional to how much they love each other. We are led to believe that if we’re still fighting, there must be something left still worth fight for. If no one’s questioning you, they don’t care. If things are going well, it’s too good to be true. And if your bf/gf is being nice, something must be wrong. I guess some people rather hurt than feel nothing at all. 

“It’s like you’re screaming but no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed. That someone could be that important. That without them you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless. Like nothing can save you. And when it’s over, and it’s gone. You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back, so that you could have the good.”

I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been in a relationship like the one described above at one point in her life. And if you’re still in it, just to let you know, we can hear your screams. And we do understand how much it hurts. Everyone goes through it, until they’re just through with it. I hope sooner than later you will be too.

Eventually, you’ll realize that love doesn’t have to be this way. That it shouldn’t be this way. Almost seems like a bad relationship is a prerequisite for a good one though doesn’t it? While I don’t think an unhealthy relationships is necessary, it will definitely help you recognize and appreciate a healthy one that much more.  Be crazy about love, long as the love ain’t crazy.

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