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Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Her vision started to blur as her eyes began to sting. She closed her laptop , and rubbed her eyes. Sighing, she laid back into her ever so luxurious ergonomic Knoll chair. They were definitely a giant step up from Ikea. Her head hurt. She was tired. It was a long day that looked like it would be turning into a long night. Using her tippy-toes she spun her chair around, and immediately felt better. Four large floor to ceiling windows greeted her with a panoramic view of the city. It was a beautiful day, nearly sunset. The sky was a beautiful shade of sherbet, blood orange, and creamsicle all melting into a blue ocean below. How could she complain with a view like that? She got paid to keep people full, drunk, happy, and fun.

I’m crazy to leave this she thought to herself.

Walking the six blocks to First Street that day seemed longer than usual. The anticipation of what was there weighed her feet down. Finally, she pushed through a set of glass double doors into the hotel lobby, and took the elevator two floors up. Good looking people EVERYWHERE. In suits,  in sweats, in spandex, in tank tops, in shorts, in shape. She punched in 6-2-2-7-4-5 and heard a loud clicking sound. A flat screen TV and leather couches greeted her, and she grabbed a glass of cucumber water before opening her locker. While trivial to some, in her eyes the place was AMAZING. Even more amazing it was free.

I’m crazy to leave this she thought to herself..

She folded her clothes pretending to know what she was doing as two of her closest friends prepared dinner in the kitchen. She could feel them giving her a loving side-eye for her tedious, but delicious “special dinner request” of broccoli fritters. Wine was poured, stories were told, laughs were shared, and food was annihilated. The rest of the night was spent wanting to burn clothes, and competing to see who could put together the ugliest ensemble. Needless to say she killed the competition. It would take a long while before she could feel that comfortable, and read faces like that again. If ever.

I must be crazy to leave this she thought to herself. EXACTLY.

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