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Break Up With Me.

Please, break up with me.

Don't take walks with me knowing you'll be walking away soon.

Don't hold me in your arms knowing you'll be letting go.

Don't take photos you never plan to post.

Instead, just break up with me.

Don't make memories I will desperately try to forget.

Don't laugh with my family then take away yours.

Don't tell me "Good night" when you really mean, "Good bye".

Just break up with me.

Don't let me plan our next trip when you've already planned a new life - without me.

Don't take care of me when you don't care for me.

Don't kiss me. Don't hug me. Don't love me.

Break up with me.

Because I shouldn't be the last to know.

Because you were gone long before you left.

And it's not fair that you get a head start on moving on.

Break up with me already, so I can start putting the pieces back together again.

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