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Bitch is the New Black

It seems to me that along with studs, and zippers, structured shoulders, thigh highs, Jeffrey Campbell, and leather rocker jackets – that bitch is the new black this season.

Now I don’t know about u but I never saw the appeal. You mean to tell me we’re now glamorizing the “mean girls” from high school that made fun of u ‘cuz u couldn’t afford the new Pennys, your bothers ex-girlfriend who only went out with him for his Virgin America plug, and your boss who wouldn’t let u leave work early ‘cuz u had a 109º fever??? ‘Cuz last I remember, I wanted to throw a brick through these bitch’s windshields.

Me? “I’m a nice girl, with some nice dreams.” (Just don’t piss me off. It takes a lot though so don’t worry about it. Oh, except when I’m driving or waiting for MUNI. Then, steer clear!) I’m polite, befriend the outcasts, am tactful, and even do charity dances at the club sometimes (although I gotta be having a really, really good night). This doesn’t mean I’m fake, or a pushover. It means it takes more energy for me to be mean rather than myself. I’ve been in a bitchy mood before, I’ve talked shit, and I sure as hell can act like a bitch, but I’ve never been a self-proclaimed, certified BITCH … says the girl who’s old MySpace user name was Bitch.Made and had “The bitch u love to hate,” as my headline lol. Yah, I was frontin.

Or maybe, I was just confused. Perhaps this is where the miscommunication lies to begin with. Especially with all the different definitions of the word and the context it’s used. Some people misinterpret blunt, opinionated, and strong females as being “bitches,” when they’re not. On the other hand, while I do appreciate and admirer raw honesty, and voicing ur opinion – sometimes that shit just ain’t necessary and females need to mind their own fuckin business. ‘Cuz like I once read before: Real bitches get BITCH-SLAPPED.

Some of my closest friends were bitches when I first met them *ahem* Lauren *ahem* Rach, but now that they’ve removed the sticks from outta their asses (and they’re gonna hate me for saying this) I consider them some of the most sweetest and thoughtful individuals I’ve ever met. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism, or maybe I just have a way with bitches lol. It’s like the saying goes, “I hate bitches, but I love mine.” Chances are though, if mine met themselves they sooo wouldn’t be friends lol.

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