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Better Late Than Never

Just got off the phone with a family friend of mine and told him about my crazy, but epic night, which was unfortunately followed by the the most epic hangover of all time. He then asked me in a somewhat condescending tone, “When do you think you’re gonna stop going out?”

To which I replied slightly offended, “Oh, I didn’t know I had an expiration date?”

I actually had a similar conversation with my chinita Kris some time ago during a car ride home. I told her that I felt “wrong” for partying. That at my age, I should be cooking for my husband or changing my sons diaper. Or at the very least working late nights at the office. She told me I was stupid, not to feel bad, and that nowadays people are just doing “everything” later in life.

I thought about it, and even though I still felt guilty and slightly ashamed, I knew she was right. There’s articles out there that glorify the late adolescence of men, so I saw no reason why it should be any different for women like me and my friends. Especially when we’re still young, single, and have no kids. It’s not like I just party with no reverence for my career either. I’m working towards it every single day and do more than just throw back shots of Goose. But lets face it, a recap about the 35-year old man that can make my life “paradise,” sounds so much more interesting than blogging about my afternoon at Borders (although I LOVE afternoons at Borders). I didn’t know who I was trying to prove all this to, my family friend – or myself.

So then I felt guilty and ashamed that I was apologizing for having the TIME OF MY LIFE.

I had a lot of responsibilities at a very young age due to my mom not being around much, and was in a serious, committed relationship during the years most people sow their wild oats.  While staying boo’d up at home sounds awesome, it’s just not in the cards for me anytime soon. So why should I stay home just waiting for it to happen when I can be out with my mom having brunch? Or with my lovelies at a concert? Or sharing a pitcher with the homies while watching the playoffs? I’m safe, know my limits, stay in shape, handle my business, and party with people my age (‘cuz I refuse to be the “Tita” at the youngin party).

So never apologize for having fun. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself, or anyone else it’s, your prerogative. There is no age limit to having the time of your life. When am I going to stop going out and having fun? When it stops being so fucking fun.

P.S. I will say ONE thing though. Partying is fucking EXHAUSTING, and I’ve only been doing this for the past 2 weeks. I don’t know how the rest of yall do it.

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