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Belle of the Brawl

About 4 or 5 years ago, when I was still in college I remember hanging out with my boyfriend at the time after his shift at Trader Joe’s. Knowing my dreams of being in the fashion industry, he told me about how his co-worker’s ex-girlfriend was a designer for Rocawear. A few months or maybe even a year later, I attended an event one of my best friends was photographing and purchased a shirt from a streetwear line based out here in SF. When I got home, I visited their website as well as many others. And then after clicking a link of a link of another link, I came across the MySpace profile of a young Filipina woman in her twenties. She was pretty, she was young, had previously worked for Rocawear, currently had her own clothing line, and had recently gotten married. She was exactly where I wanted to be in life. In my eyes, she had it all. And as I skimmed through her pictures I hoped to one day follow in her footsteps … just in my own pair of stilletos, doing my own hip sway, and to my own beat. I didn’t want to be her, I just wanted to be the absolutely best ME I could be.

And this woman inspired me to be just that, which is why I nearly died when my Hayati told me I was officially a writer for the new Twilight fan blog they were both a part of. Like, for serious? I had JUST told her a month prior how this chick was my idol and now we’d be on the same team? I am not worthy lol.

I would’ve never thought 4+ years ago when I MySpaced this person asking for advice on how to pursue my dreams and how to gracefully face and conquer opposition in the proccess, that I’d be celebrating my 28th birthday with her. It was during this short period of time, as she was doing a phone interview while my hung over ass laid dying in her suite, that I began to realize how hard of a worker she is and that she deserves all the success coming her way. (AND OMG CAN I JUST SAY THAT I AM SUPER EMBARASSED RIGHT NOW ‘CUZ I’VE NEVER, EVER TOLD HER ANY OF THIS, AND NOW SHE’S MY FRIEND SO I FEEL LIKE A TARD LOL.) But most of all, outta anyone I know she has the most braggin rights – yet stays humble, at least in front of me lol.

Needless to say, I’m the type that when I have a girl crush, it goes away after I meet them because … it’s just weird to crush on someone u know lol (and no I ain’t talkin about that kinda crush slow ur role perverts). So I do not give her nearly as much credit as I feel she deserves for fear of being seen as a groupie, kiss-ass, or even worse name-dropper. But with her dirty-thirty coming up this Saturday and the launch of her new line, “Midnight Riders,”by Hellz Bellz, I feel like it’s the best time to do so.

So happy early birthday Lawn, u are an inspiration to women everywhere. Thank u for making me feel less of a cougar when I stare at Taylor Lautner’s 8-pack, for the red-velvet birthday cake with no slices or candles that u forgot at the club and I never got to eat (lol), and most importantly, for keeping me motivated. I hope one day I can inspire someone else as much as u’ve inspired me no homo haha. If it wasn’t for you, my blog today would’ve been about running into oncoming traffic due to being so overwhelmed with life.

And by the way, u never did answer my MySpace message bitch! LMAO.

Yall know the drill, check out Lawn’s second fall drop here.

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