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Because Weekends Were Made For Fun

I swear April flew by faster than Darren Ford around second base. And after a looong week, and a slew of birthday bonanzas the past month, I am definitely looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING this weekend lol. But for those of you who are looking to get into something, click after the jump for some worthy events. Happy TGIF and have a good one yall!

  1. 5/1 The Whole Enchihuahua: Support the SPCA and my homies at Grub Crawl this Sunday at Dolores Park from 1-4pm.

  1. 5/1 Couture and Cupcakes: Browse through cute jewelry while eating tasty new treats courtesy of Cupkeiko’s at FTCC in Daly City from 1-3pm.

5/4 Grubbin Like A Giant: Eat exclusive food at an exclusive price at Ironside, Pedro’s, and Public House. Then finish the night off with a tour of one of my most favorite-tist places on Earth: AT&T Park!

  1. 5/6 The Main Event staring the Jabbawockeez @ Haze in Las Vegas: Even though I am absolutely jelly of all the people going to Vegas fight weekend I’m still going to tell you all to go to this party. Contact Boogie Events at for bottle service or any other inquiries and tell ’em Abi says hi 😉

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