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Balls To The Wall.

When you have over 10 girls on one thread you end up waking up to 75 text messages of absolute fuckery. Just the other week, Nikko sent a text complaining about how stank her BART ride was. Naturally, it resulted in a conversation about who swallows, and who’s never even had a guy jizz in their mouth. But the bulk of the discussion was about balls. Big balls, small balls, uneven balls, STANK BALLS.

How I have not  blogged about balls until now, I do not know. They’re just so weird looking  that they’re kind of unavoidable. I mean, they slap against your ass cheeks and wake up your roommates for fucks sake! The funniest is when they’re wrinkly, and droopy looking. They almost look sad. I’m halfway tempted to ask what on Earth could possibly have them feeling so down when they’re being juggled in my mouth.

Yes, I will admit it. For the lucky few: I am a ball juggler. I know it sounds odd and maybe even a little disgusting, but I actually don’t mind it. Sometimes, I enjoy it. Not all of the girls on the thread shared this sentiment, however, we have all (unfortunately) encountered musty balls at one point in our fellatio giving lives. One smelled like Na’an Curry, while another smelled like a locker room after a basketball game. Mine had essence of chili. I can’t help but wonder, do men know when their balls smell? You should, considering that they’re always sticking to the side of your thigh and you’re constantly adjusting them.

Regardless, I think that if a woman is nice enough to put them in her mouth, you should at least pre-wash them for her. No smell is the best smell, so don’t just spray some cologne on your nuts. That doesn’t mask the musk, it adds on to it. So please, take a ho bath if you must. You can’t expect someone to swallow your semen, if they spit out your balls first.

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