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Bad Enough

Growing up SUCKS. Rach even says so here. This whole rationalizing thoughts, and being logical business is fucking overrated and not at all it’s cracked up to be. I’m being too hard on myself when I say this, but for the most part all it’s doing is making me more aware of my fuck-ups.

Remember when I said that we won’t feel better until they feel worse? Well, sometimes we won’t feel better until we feel worse too. Old habits die hard, so we continue to do things that make us feel bad … but not bad enough to stop doing it. Now ain’t that a bitch?

Call it a catastrophe, call it a drug, call it a love hangover. Until we hit rock bottom, until we overdose, or until we get love poisoning – we won’t stop. It’s like drinking and driving. You know it’s against the law, you know you could hurt yourself, and you know you could hurt others. But as long as you keep getting home safe and sound, it’s ok to do it “one last time”  … right?

It’s like this: If something doesn’t make you feel good, don’t do it.

It’s so simple, it’s laughable. But when it comes to matters of love, people always seem to learn the hard way. One would think that after making the same mistakes over and over again we’d know better by now. You’d think we’d quit while we’re ahead. Isn’t the point to prevent the pain? Why do we have to wait for it to hurt before we stop? Sometimes a person will only stop drinking and driving when they get a DUI or worse.

So maybe instead of focusing on not doing things that hurt you, you should simply focus on doing things that make you happy instead.

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