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Back in the Daze.

The other day me and a co-worker of mine were doing the usual: talking shit, drinking beer, and watching YouTube videos. One of them happened to be this 8-bit trailer for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Immediately, the primitive graphics and simple sound effects brought me back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons, and L.A. Gears. Thus, today’s post is in honor of my absolute favorite videos games from the NES era, for whom without, there would be no Madden or Call of Duty.

Bionic Commando: It’s your typical action-adventure game, but what makes it awesome is the character you play (Ladd Spencer) comes fully equipped with a bionic arm made from a grappling gun. I mean, WTF?! Obviously, it doesn’t take much to keep me occupied.

Double Dribble: OMFG this is my SHIT. I can hear the announcer saying, “Double dribble,” in the opening scene as I type this, and remember playing “versus” by myself just so I could practice my free-throws.

Excite Bike: Anything that gives you the opportunity to create your own shit makes me happy, so obviously “Design” mode was my favorite out of the three provided in this game. It allowed you to customize a track you could ride through afterwards. When I’d get bored, I’d just spell words or my name out.

Super Mario Brothers: A given on this list, I personally consider it the Godfather of video games (along with Duck Hunt I suppose). Quite possibly the most famous NES game of all time, and one of the few to have such astounding longevity. Whether you’re 35 or 6, you know who the fuck Mario and Luigi are.

Major League Baseball: Again, this is MY SHIT. I probably started playing this even before I started attending Giants games, so you knowwww that was way back.

DeJaVu: One of the lesser known games, this was actually one of my favorite point-and-click adventure games. You’re this detective Ace Harding that wakes up in a groggy stupor and you have to piece together what the fuck just happened. I never did finish this game, but I’d love to take another go at it now that I’m not nine. I’d like to think I’m a little bit smarter now. Just a little.

Maniac Mansion: This was my absolute favorite graphic adventure game growing up! OMG, I want to play it right now (could I sound any nerdier?). Basically, you get to pick from five different characters and help save someone’s girlfriend that’s trapped in a mansion owned by mad scientists and aliens. Need I say more? Again, I never finished this game. But if someone has it – holla, I’ll bring the beer and sweet Maui onion potato chips!

ContraUp – up- down – down- left – right – left – right – B – A – select – start. If you’re over 25 and don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, YOU GET OFF OF MY BLOG THIS INSTANT! I’m kidding, I love you. Just a bit hurt you’re unfamiliar with quite possibly my favorite-tist video game of all time. al;sdjfklsdjflasjo;iweu. See that? That was me attempting to contain my nostalgia. Damn, I remember going to my cousin Ritchie and Charles’ house (both of who are grown as fuck now and have two kids of their own), and beating this game over and over again. My favorite weapon was of course the Spread, and then laser but only because it continuously fired.

OK. Now that I’ve successfully managed to sound 1) old, and 2) like a dork, please do me a favor and share some of your old school favorite video games!

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