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Baby You Summertime Fine

Because I am that homegirl …

One day me and Rach were mobbin in her beastmobile on the way home from brunch on what was looking to be a beautiful day in the city. As the sun beamed through her windshield and onto our faces she said, “It’s so nice outside!” To which I replied with a sigh of defeat, “Dammit, now I’m gonna want to go out with *Rich.” Of course she looked at me like I had a penis growing out of my forehead and responded, “You want to go out with Rich because it’s nice outside?”

“Yeah,” I said as if penises growing out of one’s forehead were a tradition.

Because to me it made perfect sense. Truth be told hemlines go up as soon as the temperature does during the summer, but while most people use the change of season to break up with their significant others, and start hitting the gym in preparation for a one night stand at a hotel pool party, I’m happiest being boo’d the fuck up.

Says the girl who has San Diego, New York, and Puerto Rico in the works. But despite all the single girl fun I’m about to have this summer, there’s just something about the warmth on my skin, and smell of suntan lotion that makes me want to fall in love. Or at the very least, like.

Rainy days usually make people wanna cuddle under the sheets and have a Netflix night, and I can definitely see the allure in that. But I don’t think I’ve ever caught myself wanting to cake as much during any other season as much as the summertime. Maybe it’s because the sunshine puts me in a good mood as is. Or maybe it’s all the fun outdoor activities and events like concerts in the park, and carnivals by the bay I want to attend while holding hands with my lover-boy. Either way, I rather get my summertime fly on for one special guy than a plethora of them surrounding the dancefloor.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the weather is long as we weather it together. I just find it more appealing to draw my name + his with a heart around it in the sand on some tropical beach, than on the windshield of a car during a snowstorm.

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