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All The Things: 23 Text Messages I Never Sent to You.

I miss you.

*Whew* Welcome back Belt! (In reference to his home run debut since his broken finger)

Holy shit, this is really happening right now (In reference to the Brazil/Germany match)


I’m so glad you hate people as much as I do.

JESUS CHRIST GIANTS. Not against the fucking A’s. Not in our house!

Good job 🙂 (In reference to Brandon Crawford’s hit)

Oh thank God (In reference to the Giants not getting swept by the A’s)

I thought I was watching the Brazil game again smh (In reference to the Giants getting spanked in the last game of the Bay Bridge series)

I miss you. Again.

I still miss you. 

And Lebron goes home.

Grand salami!

That’s not fair 😦

How excited are you to be Derrik’s boss?

Just read the best Yelp review about a rude employee at __________.  Congratulations asshole!


I’m sorry, I just miss you.

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