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After 28 Years, I’ve (finally) Learned That …

-“It’s gonna hurt when it heals too”

-Being alone and being lonely are 2 completely different things. And when u finally accept even just the possibility of being alone, u will never be lonely again.

-It’s completely ok to fall apart sometimes. It happens to the best of us. Just know, that there will always be someone there to help u pick up the pieces.

-“Progress, not Perfection”~Hayati

-Somtimes I just need to just mind my own fucking biniss

-Ex’s are ex’s for a reason

-Stalking the “new girl’s” (or ANY girl’s for that matter) MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/etc. is NEVER a good idea. If she’s ugly, remember he’s still with her and NOT u. And if she’s pretty, remember she still ain’t you. And no matter how happy they may seem, they still don’t hold a candle to what u guys had.

-And excuse, albeit a good one, is still just that – an EXCUSE.

-As long as u can afford the rent, and ur bills, living off of rice and ramen for a week will always be worth that spontaneous trip to [fill in the blank] as long as u have the time of ur life!

-If u have to ask if ur wasting ur time, u probably are. And if u have to ask if somethings wrong, there probably is.

-Although a little jealousy is considered “healthy” and a little insecurity is considered “normal” in a relationship – it is never a good look. Never.

-The sock monster does exist, I swear he does.

-Everyone deals with things differently, and people heal at a different pace. Don’t be mad at urself, if on day 467 u break down and have to start all over again.

-I will be the first person who will get mad at herself for breaking down.

-Men really do u think ur the most beautiful with no make-up on … and nekkid.

-When ur hysterically crying by urself, a good way to stop is to look at urself in the mirror while u cry. I guarantee u’ll feel stupid and immediately stop. I know I do.

-All men are not dogs. Jesus Christ, I thought I’d never believe that.

-I love drama, as long as it ain’t mine. I know, I know, I’m horrible. At least I’m honest.

-Unfortunately, there are going to be some things that I just can’t do. No matter how hard I try. Teasing hair and applying makeup are two of these things.

Quality over quantity They say humans are competitive by nature. But after a while it becomes pointless. Everybody wants to be the best, but if ur happy with where u are why fix it if it ain’t broken? There is always bound to be someone “better.” So instead of constantly checking on their shit to see what they’re up to or the accomplishments they have or haven’t made yet, check urself. The less time u waste trying to be better than her or him, the more time u’ll spend on becoming a better YOU.

-“True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not”~Unknown

-Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. But so is the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

-From personal experiences. The asshole who cheated on u will always end up either bald or fat. And u always end up more successful or better looking than the mean girls. So trust that karma exsists.

-Be nice to “weirdos,” and “outcasts,” they may spare ur life one day

-“No one wants to see someone else do better than them,” but it’s fucking lonely on the top. So when ur up there, make sure to bring people with u.

-A friend once told me that u can pretty much tell if a relationship is going to last by the 3rd month ur into it. I believe her.

-It is always wise to keep a 1) tampon/pad (even if ur not on ur rag), and 2) a lighter (even if u don’t smoke) in ur purse.

-I will never be perfect. Thank God.

-U should never force someone to be with u by attempting to justify shit. If they stay, it won’t be the same. And more than likely, they will leave u anyway.

-Not everyone has dreams, so be thankful for urs no matter how far from them u are.

There is a simple resolution to every problem. Yes, I said EVERY. Some people just choose to make shit difficult.

-Just because I don’t follow my own advice, doesn’t mean it’s not good advice and u shouldn’t listen.


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