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A Woman’s Work

Stereotypical gender roles get blurred by the second, but ultimately men are still from Duh and women are still from Planet Complicated. Of course I’m being sexist. Case in point I asked my homegirls which I should expose emphasize highlight one night; stomach or legs? Stomach won 4-1. When I asked five of my homeboys though, it was a unanimous “BOTH”. So basically they suggested I wear this:

I’ve written about my favorite part on a man’s body here, and talked about the sexiest part of their intellect here. For today’s hump-day post I thought I’d write about what I find sexy in women and see how it compares. ‘Cuz lesbi-honest, women are damn sexy. So let’s start with …

… the meat and potatoes, or in other words the obvious tits or ass.

“Tits or ass?” is a common question men get asked a lot in reference to the female anatomy. While I am absolutely infatuated with breastsesses, I still prefer booty any day. But if you were to really ask me, I’d say shoulders.

I know. Such a typical “girl answer,” but I believe shoulders are one of the not-so-obvious sexiest parts on a woman’s body. Understated, smooth (i hope), demure, and a sneak peak of what she’s strategically hiding underneath it all. If I had a penis, I’d get a baby boner everytime a chicks bra-strap accidentally slid down, or I gently grabbed a beautiful woman by her bare shoulders to get her attention. I need more people? Fine, how about Megan and Natalie for starters.

When I originally typed what I found sexy about a woman’s personality, I paused and realized that it was the same shit I found sexy in a man’s; intelligence, humor, talent, and drive. So maybe it’s not so different. Or maybe I’m just bi-sexual. At any rate, ladies and gents, I’d love to hear what you find most attractive about a woman’s body, face, and personality.


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