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A Woman's Love.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The saying goes, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and we've seen its truth time and time again. The things some women do out of spite, resentment and anger can legitimately be an out of body experience. It can motivate some to lose 15 pounds, start a new business, take on a new hobby, or - slash a few tires. It will get you to do things you normally wouldn't do like take someone home on the first date or travel solo. What you need to understand is that the real motivation here isn't spite, resentment, or anger. It's hurt and the fear of it never stopping or happening again.

I used to think one of the scariest things in the world was an angry woman, but I've come to realize that a happy woman who loves herself with an unwavering reverence is absolutely terrifying. Ladies - imagine dating and being unaffected by ghosting. Imagine never worrying about making a first impression, because you already know you are likable. Imagine having so much love to give along with boundaries to the extent that even unreciprocated love does not deplete you.

Fellas, be afraid. Be very afraid. Fellas, imagine going on a date knowing that the woman in front of you does not need someone to complete her? Imagine knowing that she doesn't need to be there, but she chose to be there and she can and will also choose not to be. Imagine trying to fuck with someone who can't be fucked with?

There is an unparalleled serenity and power that comes with knowing that no matter what happens to you, you will be more than OK. That any rejection or hurt or let down from an unmet expectation is normal and valid AND just a minor bump in the road along a journey that ALWAYS ends beautifully.

While vengeance and pettiness has proven to seek and destroy, a woman who moves with love can move mountains. Shit, she can do almost anything.

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