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A Letter From Me to You

Dear stranger, reader, acquaintance, friend, sister, daughter, girl crying in the bathroom stall at the club trying to get away from it all,

I’m sorry I have not been around much lately to tell you this, but I am here for you. I don’t know how to make it go away, or how to make it all better, but I am here for you. I may not be able to give you advice or make sense of things, but I am here for you. And I have no idea how to make you smile again, or make you feel alive, but I am here for you. Even if it means just listening and saying absolutely nothing. Even if it means sitting completely still and just letting you cry, I am here for you. So that even if you feel as if the world has turned their back against you and everyone has given up, you will at the very least have one person in your corner – and that is me.

I won’t tell you time will make everything better, because I know time has not been your friend lately. I won’t even tell you that everything will be ok, because I know you can’t see anything past the hurt and pain right now. I won’t tell you that you are so much stronger than you think, because I know you have never in your whole life felt so weak. I won’t tell you that you are not a fool for giving it your best, because I know you feel as if it still wasn’t good enough. I won’t tell you that you can have any man you want because I know you don’t want just any man. I won’t tell you that you have so much going for yourself, and so many people that do love and appreciate you, because I know you’ll just feel ungrateful. I won’t tell you it’s not your fault, and that nothings wrong with you because you won’t believe me anyway. But I will tell you this, even if you hate me for it:

You are amazing. I repeat: AMAZING. So amazing that if me taking the burden of your pain and suffering meant you seeing even just a glimpse of the girl I see, and remember, and know very well – then consider it done.

Love, Abi

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