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2009 in Music

So I fell asleep one night, woke up and now its December. How in the fuck? Could this year have passed by any faster? I swear it was just weeks ago I celebrated New Years Eve 2008 in pain at Roys on Mission St. ‘cuz my wisdom teeth were impacted and I couldn’t even enjoy my damn butterfish!

I’ll save my “Dear 2009” letter for another day when I feel like being depressed. Today though, I’ll do my Top 10 songs of 2009 in conjunction with Rach’s 2009 Wrap Up soon to be posted. Because along with every year of my life, music has played an immense part in it.

The following are songs that came out in 2009 that will forever embody the year and remind me of it whether I want to or not. Some of the songs I liked, some I loved, and some I wanted to tear my eardrums outta my head after hearing it for the fafillionth time. So now, without further adieu …

10) Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys – Had his album dropped earlier in the year, perhaps this anthem would’ve been higher up in the list. Nevertheless, this single currently has folks even in the heart of L.A. screaming “New York, New York, New Yawwwwwk.”

9) I’m in Miami Bitch by LMFAO – Oh yes. The song that made u want to spend money u don’t have on bottle service and get shitface at some club where nobody knows who u are so u could get away with dancing on the bartop with a polka dot bikini under ur dress and wake up next to some strange man reeking of red bull vodkas.

7) BEST I EVER HAD by Drake (Thnx Ash. Me=Ruh-tard lol) – 2009 was definitely the year of Drake. He single handedly gave Degrassi High fans a cool pass and let every woman far and wide know that ain’t nothing sexier than when u got ur “hair tied, sweat pants, chillin with no makeup on … “

6) Turnin me On by Keri Hilson – OK just kidding, I was going to put this on the list but just found out it came out in 2008. Luckily for Miss Keri Baby she also had her hit “Knocks You Down” fea. Kanye and Ne-Yo ‘cuz that came out in ’09 and was just as much in rotation. Let’s face it, anything Ne-Yo touches is pretty much fiyah. Add Yeezy on the track? Done deal.

5) Boom-Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas – Hell, why not add the entire album. BEP always reps that feel good music. Despite all the Fergie haters and folks who think BEP sold out since their “Joints and Jams” days, I’m happy for them. I would’ve done the same and Kids Incorporated was the shit! Safe to say BEP is here to stay. Hatin on ’em would be so 2000 and late.

4) You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift – Kanye West. Best thing to EVER happen to the girl. Next to Taylor Lautner of course. And I ain’t even gonna front, I sing this in the car … LOUD.

2) Single Ladies by Beyonce – I mean. Does this one even need an explanation? Do you need Kanye to tell u that Beyonce had the best video of the year? This song had every gay prancing around in a leotard, and every man feelin the pressure, ‘cuz every female was singin bout how “if u liked her then u shoulda put a ring on it.”

1) Any Michael Jackson song ever made.

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